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to stand in a queue philosophy

The queue, this was the big philosophy of the Romanian communism. It was an ordinary thing for everybody to stand in a queue for something those days

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Unirii Square in 1967

Again for those who know the Bucharest very well and are old enough to remember (this is not my case:)), this is the old Unirii Square with Hanul lui Manuc in the background and Unirii Market in the left.Â

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Nicolae Titulescu’s private images

These are very rare private pictures of one of the most important European diplomats before the Second World War.

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old bucharest view

For those who know Bucharest well enough, this must be a very interesting picture. This is Sfanta Vineri Square with Sfanta Vineri Church (Holy Friday Church) on the left, demolished by the Romanian dictator Ceausescu in 19.06.1987

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