to stand in a queue philosophy

to stand in a queue for funeral services

The queue, this was the big philosophy of the Romanian communism. It was an ordinary thing for everybody to stand in a queue for something those days

, something simple usually like toilet paper, bread and eggs, water, sugar, etc. But this queue is uncommon because this shop is a Funeral Services shop. This image was made by Laurentiu Galmeanu in august 1985 and the place is located at Sf. Gheorghe Square in the Bucharest’s center. The building is still there today.

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5 Responses to to stand in a queue philosophy

  1. tia o'c says:

    Jesus, la ce stateau acolo?

  2. alina m says:

    cata ironie…

  3. mihai radu says:

    Stateau la coada pentru lumanari.

  4. pozarul says:

    am stat la coada de nenumarate ori pt. a cumpara vata, eram mic si femeile ma preferau sa le iau un pachet si iar de la inceput pt. o alta femeie..primeam cate un leu pt. fiecare pachet de vata…acum avem TAMPOANE!!!

  5. Daniel n says:

    ….este pacat ca autorul pozei nu a aratat si la ce “se statea ” la coada. In acest magazin, pentru ca nu aveau vinzare (la produse specifice) sa acceptat sa se vinda si alte produse.
    Am o poza ,pe care trebuie s-o gasesc, in care se vede ca in acest magazin,…de exemplu, se vindeau tricouri de marinar…
    Am lucrat intre 1979-1991 , viz-a-vis de acest mgazin , la un depozit de carte.

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