just milliseconds before death

robert capa - the falling soldier

This man is not dead yet but he will be in the next few milliseconds.

This is “the falling soldier” of Robert Capa. The image was made during the Spanish civil war around 1935. “The best tele lenses are your own legs” was the motto of Robert Capa’s way of work. The Spanish soldier is clearly shot in the head and the frame was made from very close range. This is, of course, unique; no one was so close to the death like this photographer. 

I’m sure you’ll easily understand why this picture is a legendary one. The thin line between life and death is captured here. It is impossible not to mention this image in any history of war photography. 


Robert Capa was one of the most important war photographers. He was everywhere, Spanish civil war, the Second World War, d-day on Omaha beach, Israel, Russia and Indochina. He died in Indochina when he stepped on a land mine in 1954.    


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3 Responses to just milliseconds before death

  1. Truman says:

    Asta inseamna sa te dedici meseriei…

  2. Tudor says:

    poza este incredibila, fara nici un dubiu, insa parca stiu ca erau unele semne de intrebare asupra autenticitatii momentului..

  3. chirag says:

    robert capa…courage…beauty

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