Why Annie Leibovitz is so well known?


To take a picture of John Lennon a few hours before he will die, do you think it is a good reason?

8 December 1980 in New York City, this is Leibovitz’s most famous portrait.  Hours after this photo was taken, John Lennon was murdered outside of his apartment building. Lennon liked the picture: “That’s us,” he told to Annie when he looked at the Polaroid, “That’s our relationship.”

A month later this was the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And in 2005 the iconic image has been ranked The Best Magazine Cover of the past 40 years by The American Society of Magazine Editors. 

This is a great image, very original and beautiful made. But, obviously, it is a legendary picture more because it was the last picture, a few hours before a tragic death, of a worldwide well known superstar. It is strange and unfair in a way.


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4 Responses to Why Annie Leibovitz is so well known?

  1. Yes it would be the most important picture of the legendary singer. If it happens to be the last one of anyone, it will become valuable for the friend circle of that person. The picture itself is very unique and is shot beautifully capturing the personalities of the couple.

  2. TH Williams says:

    Annie Leibovitz did not become famous because of the Lennon photos, that is an absurd observation with no basis in fact. She is one of the most famous living photographers because of her long history of capturing very intimate images of famous people. However her notoriety was widespread years before she shot the Lennon Ono portrait. Since she started working at Rolling Stone magazine in the early 70s, Ms. Leibovitz became famous for her ability to meticulously plan a photo shoot designed to display the subject’s deepest feelings. Her splendid images of the Rolling Stones, Demi Moore, and hundreds of other famous people bring pleasure to many people. She works at Vanity Fair magazine today.

  3. Steve Justice says:

    She definitely became famous before this photo, that is why she was chosen to do this photo shoot. Everything came together on this shot, the photo was amazing by itself, and the timing brought it the fame it has today.

  4. Julumaniya says:

    Thank you for sharing. I came to this site to read how things really are

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