Bucharest under heavy bombing


I just found these images on the net. All the images are of what’s identified as “bomb fall plot” photos.

They’re reconnaissance photos taken during bombing runs over various parts of Romania in during the World War Two battles. You’ll have the chance to see cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Oradea under heavy bombing. In Bucharest picture, bombs are dropped over a train’s line network in the north-west of the city


If you want to see more images taken during bombing runs over various parts of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, etc, please follow this link


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2 Responses to Bucharest under heavy bombing

  1. Mihai says:

    Incredibil cum se vad bombele in poza cu Brasov-ul

  2. Silviu Ioan says:

    Daca nu ma insel eu, la bombardamentele acestea asupra garii de nord ( asa pare in prima poza ), a murit strabunica mea, care locuia in Giulesti, americanii de frica antiaerienelor au venit la 7-8 mii de metri, si au ratat sinele in mare parte, bombardanad zona de case din Giulesti.

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