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Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

If you’ll make a top of the world’s most important war pictures, this Pulizer wining image will be on the first place for sure. For Americans, if they have to describe “patriotism” in a single picture, this will be more than enough.

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Antonescu’s last pictures

I’m sure that some of you already know the pictures and the history of this man but I have to publish these images here anyway. It is very strange for me to see the eyes of a man who will … Continue reading

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Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej’s Funerals

Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej was the first Communist leader of Romania from 1948 until his death in 1965. Officially he died of liver cancer but there are rumors that he was intentionally irradiated during a visit in Moscow. Some believe that … Continue reading

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The right man at the right moment.

Hindenburg was the pride of the Nazi Germany. Build by Zeppelin company this was the biggest flying machine of those times and the safest. Started from Frankfurt, Germany and ended in Manchester, New Jersey, USA, the flight was the first transatlantic … Continue reading

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Cu Henri Cartier-Bresson prin… Drumul Taberei

Cum ar fi fost sa il vedeti cu aparatul la ochi pe aleile din Drumul Taberei sau mai bine in magazinul Big Berceni din Piata Sudului. Pai daca ati fi fost ceva mai atenti prin 1975 l-ati fi observat cu siguranta pentru ca Henri … Continue reading

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