The right man at the right moment.


Hindenburg was the pride of the Nazi Germany. Build by Zeppelin company this was the biggest flying machine of those times and the safest. Started from Frankfurt, Germany and ended in Manchester, New Jersey, USA, the flight was the first transatlantic official flight.

On 6 may 1937, in Manchester, New Jersey, the landing was the most important news of the day, so all the media was there. An army of journalists, cameramen, radio live transmitters and photographers are there waiting for the big moment. One of them is Sam Shere, an newspaper American photographer. At the site, few minutes before the landing, the big Hindenburg is caught on fire and all ends tragically. Sam Shere will shoot whit this occasion the most important picture of his career.

Sam Shere – USA 1901 – 1985
1933-1939 was a newspaper photographer for Hearst Publications photo division, International News Photos, N.Y.C.
In 1937 he shot prize winning “Hindenburg” photograph.
Joined Life magazine as a war correspondent in 1939 until the end of the war.
Retired to St. Petersburg Florida


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3 Responses to The right man at the right moment.

  1. catalin says:

    Eu stiam ca Hindenburg s-a prabusit in Manchester, New Jersey. E langa New York.
    Intr-adevar, o fotografie unica.

  2. Ai dreptate Catalin, am corectat.

  3. Larry says:

    Can someone please post if Sam Shere shot any 16mm film of the Hindenberg Disaster or only still shots?

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