The new most expensive picture


“99Cent” by Andreas Gursky, chromogenic color print, 81 1/2 by 132 inches, numbered 6/6, 1999 was sold with the amount of 3,3 millions $. The old record was only 2,9 millions $.

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4 Responses to The new most expensive picture

  1. otrava says:

    vreau si eu un pachet de bomboane de pe raftul al treilea…. da, da, din alea roz. acolo jos. va rog

  2. Revolver says:

    eu il vroiam :(((

  3. That is really expensive for a picture. But then it could be a very nice collector’s item. Here’s another site you might want to look at that has more expensive and interesting picture just like what you have in here. Thank you .

  4. Corina says:

    Imaginea apare in toate prezentarile de marketing, pentru a sublinia puterea unei piete, contextualizarea imaginii unui brand in aglomeratie si alte balarii de comunicare. Partea proasta este ca desi imaginea este valoroasa, putini din oamenii de marketing & publicitate stiu cui apartine.

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