more than “like a virgin”


“On 12 February, 1979, a quiet, shy young woman walked into my studio for the first time. She was the nude model for my photography class that evening. She said that she was a dancer, her name was Madonna Ciccone.”

Martin Schreiber, photographer

Years before Like A Virgin, Madonna posed for three hours for a struggling photographer, Martin Schreiber. She was paid with 10$ by hour (30$ in total). Some of those photos ended up in the September 85 Playboy, shortly after the “Like A Virgin” enormous success.

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Martin Schreiber immigrated to the United States in 1952. During the turbulent ’60’s, he dropped out of college and fatefully joined the Army, where he went to photo lab school. Taking up photography full time after the service, Schreiber went on to teach and lecture at the New School/Parsons in New York. Returning to his European roots, he presently lives outside Paris.



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12 Responses to more than “like a virgin”

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  2. iulian says:

    ma intereseaza pozele cu Bucuresti vechi, asi fi vrut sa le folosesc la un eveniment, de unde fac rost de drepturile de auto si sa aflu la ce rezolutie sunt pentru a le putea folosi?
    sa de unde asi putea sa fac rost de ele poate cunosti pe cineva, sau o firma care vinde astfel de poze cu Bucuresti vechi 1900-1940

    Iulian Mainescu

  3. S. Herbert says:

    Martin Schreiber exploits everyone he touches and never gives any credit to anyone who has helped him along the way.
    He is now once again a stuggling photographer who is yesterdays news.
    Creative talent has been waisted on him!

  4. rohit says:


  5. Stephen Anderson says:

    She looks better here with out the M material clothes

  6. Rajesh says:

    These hotographs are really rare and Madonna looks very beautiful…….. The photographer has done the great job to lift Madonna up and Madonna to lift Photographer up. Great article

  7. chirag says:

    one of the most beautiful pictures….one of the most beautiful women in the world

  8. Samuel says:

    Did they not invent razors until 1980? Yikes!

  9. Bob says:

    To Samuel: I like the bush, it’s a little wild, yes, but, it’s sexy.

  10. Me says:

    To Samuel: Not every guy is a pervert who wants a shaven women like a 18 year old twinkie.

  11. ubershaman says:

    To Samuel: In the days before porn stars set fashion for women’s privates, probably before you were born, women didn’t shave there and it was considered sexy.

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